Some stories are best told with pictures. 

Humans are visual creatures, and our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Infographics can illustrate complex ideas in a succinct and beautiful manner. Sure, you could use stock, but sometimes you can't find exactly what you need. That's where I can help.

Six Key Passive Design Principles

The client wanted a set of infographics illustrating the six most important elements to consider when designing an eco-effective home. Both the client and myself are fans of the isometric style, and it was a perfect fit with his branding. The infographics are used in rotating banners in the resources section of his website, in presentations and will be used in a future ebook. 

Scitech's marketing department wanted a poster to promote its dinosaur exhibition, Explorasaurus. The poster was mailed to classrooms around the state, aiming to enlighten and educate students of the wonders of dinosaurs. The brief was to depict the three main ages of dinsaurs and their scale to one another. The poster was so popular it was sold in Scitech's Discovery Shop.

Rate My Space is an initiative which aims to improve the energy performance of buildings whilst maintaining healthy working environments for occupants. They commissioned a simple clean icon set which illustrated different areas of workplace health for an online questionnaire.

Aejlis Miracle
Make-up Remover

A simple illustration communicating the three stages of how the product works.